Pack Challenge is a yearly design contest and a collaboration between BillerudKorsnäs and Berghs School of Communication. This years’ challenge is to encourage students to create packaging concepts to combat food waste.

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+The brief

#Packchallenge16 is a call to action. A call to revolutionize the way we think about packaging and the role packaging food waste plays in our lives and in the lives of future generations. To make this change a reality heroes are needed. The packages designed during #PackChallenge16 will be the heroes of tomorrow.

Our challenge is to create a concept brand for packaged goods. The brand will clearly incorporate key benefits of smarter packaging. BillerudKorsnäs has an ambition to drive change more than most brand owners in the market today. The environmental challenges surrounding food waste have been well discussed in the world’s media these last few years. Some see them as impossible while others believe change has to happen. There’s been a lot of talk and little action. Until now.

We want to enter the age of ‘waste not want not’. By harnessing new innovations open to us as a result of smart technology we hope to launch ‘heroic packaging’. Food packaging that effectively aides us in our fight for the environment. Packaging that helps us save the planet for future generations.

+About Food Waste

Today we globally produce food for 11 billion people, but 800 million are under-nourished. Food waste is to blame. There’s waste at every stage of the value chain; harvesting, manufacturing, the supply chain, in stores and restaurants and in the hands of the consumers. In Europe and the US, around a third of all food produced is wasted, and more than 40 percent of that waste occurs in stores and in consumers’ homes. If Food Waste was a country, only China and US emit higher amount greenhouse gas than Food Waste, and the GDP of Food Waste equals the GDP of Switzerland. It has an enormous impact both on climate change and economy, but also creates a lot of extra handling and hidden costs in the shape of waste management, collection of organic waste, composting.

Brand owners that could clearly attack the Food Waste issue by use of smarter packaging will be the winners of tomorrow.

Learn more about food waste at: challengeconventional.com

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For further information, contact:
Jimmy Nyström, Senior Manager Brand Projects

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Pål Pettersson
Head of Graphic Design
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