This is Pack Challenge 15. Let´s see who creates the winning concept for UNICEF.

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+The brief

To create a complete gift solution for UNICEF, including concept, labelling, packaging and design. The objective is to make the solution become a first choice gift to buy for any occassion, in any kind of store.

The solution must:
Be easy to understand and buy
Boost knowledge and a feeling of the importance of the gift
Fit in various kinds of stores
Feel nice to buy and valueble to get
Be relevant all-year
Partially designed using fiber material
Be cost efficient to produce and distribute

+The Collaboration

Pack Challenge is a yearly design contest and a collaboration between BillerudKorsnäs and Berghs School of Communication. Each year, a new brand is invited as part of the collaboration.

This year the leading humanitarian and development agency for child rights UNICEF are participating.

The purpose is to let students at Berghs School of Communication create a solution for UNICEF based on materials from BillerudKorsnäs, as part of the education.

  • Berghs School of communication
  • BillerudKorsnäs
  • Unicef



  • Concept

    Team 1

    Alexander Popovski,

    Amanda Wikner,

    Nina Folkesson,

    Tove Engdahl,

  • Team 2

    Erik Woxberg, Produktionsledare

    Alva Mardell, Produktionsledare

    Linnea Friberg, Grafisk design

    Elin Eriksson, Grafisk design

  • Concept

    Team 3





  • Concept

    Team 4

    Karin Rapp, Grafisk design

    Sara Trangärd, Grafisk design

    Beda Dahlberg, Produktionsledning

    Gabriel Prescott, Produktionsledning

  • Concept

    Team 5



    Sara Sujka, Produktionsledare


  • Concept

    Team 6





  • Concept

    Team 7

    Paulina Jonasson,

    Emmi Grundström,

    Marcus Ibanez,

    Marcus Lackmann,

  • Team 8

    Evelina Wirne, Produktionsledare

    Gustaf Jonshult, Produktionsledare

    Sofia Ekelund, Design

    Sara Edström, Design

  • Concept

    Team 9

    Marcus Berggren,

    Hannah Håål,

    Pernilla Snö Lundmark,

    Lena Suleiko Allansson,

  • Concept

    Team 10

    Helene Ström,

    Karl-Johan Sanfer,

    Linnéa Hambe,

    Ville Oké,

  • Team 11

    Alfie Banzola, Grafisk design

    Anders Tidholm, Grafisk design

    Joar Lenz, Produktionsledare

    Karima Essabih, Produktionsledare

    Maxime Jonsson, Produktionsledare

  • Concept

    Team 12

    Johannna Lavold,

    Line Fjærvoll,

    Johanna Spetz,

    Henrik Aurelius,

Winner of the Pack Challenge 15


Jury's motivation

Det vinnande bidraget bygger på tanken att även små insatser kan göra stor skillnad. Genom att addera en helt ny dimension - att göra pins som kan bli nostalgiska samlarobjekt, skapas en lösning som är lika enkel som den är genial.

Team 8

Evelina Wirne, Produktionsledare

Gustaf Jonshult, Produktionsledare

Sofia Ekelund, Design

Sara Edström, Design


For further information, contact:
Jimmy Nyström, Business Development Director, BillerudKorsnäs

+46(0)70 383 24 42


Pål Pettersson, Head of Graphic Design, Berghs School of Communication.
+46 (0)70 254 02 39


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